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Our lightweight and versatile Softcover books are super popular. The Softcover type is portable and durable. The cover of Softcover books allows entire personalization and they are perfect for all occasions – as personalized story books for babies, vacation memories, portable portfolios for showcasing original works or just to highlight any life events.

Softcover books are printed on high-quality photo paper. They are great for capturing all the special moments in life, and a collection of them would constitute an attractive collection.

Offering the look and feel of a genuine photo print, the Photo Lustre paper offers brilliant colors, depth of contrast, low reflection, and outstanding image quality. The durable quality of our Softcover books makes it convenient for you to share your memories with your friends and family. The portable sizes make them a perfect accessory. Our Softcover books make them ideal gifts for any occasion, such as someone’s birthday party, baby shower or perhaps for friends to remember your trip together.